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28 May 2016

Again, they shocked me!

I wouldn't call it pleasant, it's more like an...hmm amusing lunch, with a couple of dutch colleagues yesterday, I did some thinking, afterwards, and decided, let's never do it again, I was bored, very much!

'People use too much phone...' 'I don't have computer home....' 'We're not interested in new technology....' here you go, they're not interested in knowing phone is no longer a phone today, you can't link to the world without internet, new technology is the motive to get creativity out .... They are not curious, for the world, for what's happening, and for anything outside of their 3 meals per day and maybe some shitty routine....

Human being creates more things because we are more curious than other animals, removing this factor, there isn't much differences left. When you're not curious, you don't live, but only exist, which is fairly sad!

'I don't blame them living in a fairly steady mindset, but I felt that was a conversation between middle age cave man vs. 21st century high tech' - I told my cousin on phone, who is working on developing another social media APP for china market at this moment.... 'Only America and China talk about new technology and accept them, Europe is dead!' - he commented

Yes, this piece of land is dead, I don't know how many times I have told myself so, a born generation Y from Asia, coming to this land where most of the population do not really get out of their milkman cave, that's like chicken and duck, we can't communicate, we talk, but never have a dialogue ....

This is harsh, and emotional, for a Saturday morning, regardless my best friends here in Europe actually are born Europeans, but there is indeed some differences, because I do realize just now I didn't become friends with anyone who do not have expat experiences in life, ever!

With all my respects, I wish, that kind of table discussion, call it sociable or not, please let's not have it ever happen again!



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