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23 January 2016

Through the eyes of the world


Spending entire Saturday reading this book bought in ShangHai airport turned out to be one of the most beautiful things this week….

The writer is a famous media proprietor, journalist, and talk show hostess in China… her writing is ‘down to the earth’ by using the humblest language, to tell the most complicated relationship 'marriage', the most challenging thing for human being ' managing your emotion'…., and the most precious thing 'be kind and trust your surroundings'…

Yes, trust! When we start believing in everybody’s sincerity, life will become a lot more colorful… This comes across even clearer after my visits in China this time... 

When I was younger, I tended to believe all the achievement is coming from own efforts… today I realized any small steps of moving forward in my life is based on a platform built and supported by families, friends and people who come to me with good intention… from that regard, I feel I’m blessed and being VERY lucky...looking at the sky outside, it's clean, and sunny!

22 January 2016

My journey in China - Goodbye 2015 - NanJing TuLou

With Janie, we have been talking about this part of countryside for some time... This building type in FuJian province is famously named as earth dwelling by some foreign magazines, and we knew to get to those counties for a view, it's a long journey with certain risks on the road....

Village 1.jpgVillage 2.jpgVillage 3.jpgVillage 27.jpg







We've followed a day group trip, after 3 hours bus route, they invited Janie and myself to follow a local guy to the destination....With little fear, we declined it, not only that the local doesn't look trust worthy, but also changing the plan and disclosing it after 3 hours journey made us scared... long story short, we managed... a little disturbing on the road, but that simply couldn't impact our mood to get eye opening over there, at all!

Village 5.jpgVillage 8.jpgVillage 10.jpgVillage 7.jpgVillage 12.jpgVillage 14.jpgVillage 19.jpgVillage 25.jpgVillage 21.jpgVillage 18.jpgVillage 32.jpg


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My journey in China - Goodbye 2015 - NanJing

As the capital of 6 dynasties, I remember NanJing as a city which appears on every year's history book while I was still in China, primary school...

Every taxi driver is a story teller, probably because I look rather curious, or simply the drivers were in a good mood, almost every taxi I took in NanJing, the drivers were behaving like a tourist guide... they know every street's history, and amazingly, sometimes I got those trips for free, and they simply said it was a happy conversation and that's worth the trip!

FuZiTemple 5.jpgFuZiTemple 8.jpg

FuZiTemple 2.jpg

FuZiTemple 11.jpg







I came to have an interest in NanJing since the WWII history part, this city suffered 300,000 lives lost, and this piece of history is denied, till now, by Japanese government, and their history book...

NanJing 1.jpg

NanJing 2.jpg








Choosing to spend my new year eve in NanJing was with a purpose to claim the ZhongShang mountain on first day of 2016, 1800 steps to the top of the hill...and visiting WWII museum on this date tells a complicated feeling I have for China's yesterday and today...whatever feeling it goes, there is no doubt that I love this country where my root comes from....

ZhongShangLing 7.jpgZhongShangLing 2.jpgZhongShangLing 5.jpgZongTongFu 3.jpg


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My journey in China - Goodbye 2015 - SuZhou

Probably because I live in the Netherlands where people are constantly promoting the canals and bridges, SuZhou attracted me to go as a Chinese version of Amsterdam...Famous for its canals and silk, this is a city of canals but a reserved, timid,or in my dictionary - deeper version...

City street SZ 4.jpgCity street SZ 9.jpg







Different from ShangHai's aggressive new rich fashion, SuZhou tells her 2500 years stories via the narrow streets, thousands of public/private gardens, the royal temples, and the harmony of living between the modern and classic China ....

HumbleAdministratorGarden 15.jpg

LionGarden 7.jpg

HumbleAdministratorGarden 6.jpg

HanShangSi 7.jpg


Coming from a very modern education background, it's a mystery to myself where do all my passion on traditional chinese culture, operas, poems and the architecture come from...Named as eastern Venice, Suzhou has her own charm at night... and I was lucky to be offered a local opera ticket that night..


SuZhou at night 7.jpg

SuZhou at night 6.jpg

SuZhou at night 8.jpg

SuZhou at night 15.jpg

SuZhou at night 1.jpg

SuZhou at night 2.jpg

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