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22 January 2016

My journey in China - Goodbye 2015 - SuZhou

Probably because I live in the Netherlands where people are constantly promoting the canals and bridges, SuZhou attracted me to go as a Chinese version of Amsterdam...Famous for its canals and silk, this is a city of canals but a reserved, timid,or in my dictionary - deeper version...

City street SZ 4.jpgCity street SZ 9.jpg







Different from ShangHai's aggressive new rich fashion, SuZhou tells her 2500 years stories via the narrow streets, thousands of public/private gardens, the royal temples, and the harmony of living between the modern and classic China ....

HumbleAdministratorGarden 15.jpg

LionGarden 7.jpg

HumbleAdministratorGarden 6.jpg

HanShangSi 7.jpg


Coming from a very modern education background, it's a mystery to myself where do all my passion on traditional chinese culture, operas, poems and the architecture come from...Named as eastern Venice, Suzhou has her own charm at night... and I was lucky to be offered a local opera ticket that night..


SuZhou at night 7.jpg

SuZhou at night 6.jpg

SuZhou at night 8.jpg

SuZhou at night 15.jpg

SuZhou at night 1.jpg

SuZhou at night 2.jpg

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