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22 January 2016

My journey in China - Goodbye 2015 - NanJing TuLou

With Janie, we have been talking about this part of countryside for some time... This building type in FuJian province is famously named as earth dwelling by some foreign magazines, and we knew to get to those counties for a view, it's a long journey with certain risks on the road....

Village 1.jpgVillage 2.jpgVillage 3.jpgVillage 27.jpg







We've followed a day group trip, after 3 hours bus route, they invited Janie and myself to follow a local guy to the destination....With little fear, we declined it, not only that the local doesn't look trust worthy, but also changing the plan and disclosing it after 3 hours journey made us scared... long story short, we managed... a little disturbing on the road, but that simply couldn't impact our mood to get eye opening over there, at all!

Village 5.jpgVillage 8.jpgVillage 10.jpgVillage 7.jpgVillage 12.jpgVillage 14.jpgVillage 19.jpgVillage 25.jpgVillage 21.jpgVillage 18.jpgVillage 32.jpg


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