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22 January 2016

My journey in China - Goodbye 2015 - NanJing

As the capital of 6 dynasties, I remember NanJing as a city which appears on every year's history book while I was still in China, primary school...

Every taxi driver is a story teller, probably because I look rather curious, or simply the drivers were in a good mood, almost every taxi I took in NanJing, the drivers were behaving like a tourist guide... they know every street's history, and amazingly, sometimes I got those trips for free, and they simply said it was a happy conversation and that's worth the trip!

FuZiTemple 5.jpgFuZiTemple 8.jpg

FuZiTemple 2.jpg

FuZiTemple 11.jpg







I came to have an interest in NanJing since the WWII history part, this city suffered 300,000 lives lost, and this piece of history is denied, till now, by Japanese government, and their history book...

NanJing 1.jpg

NanJing 2.jpg








Choosing to spend my new year eve in NanJing was with a purpose to claim the ZhongShang mountain on first day of 2016, 1800 steps to the top of the hill...and visiting WWII museum on this date tells a complicated feeling I have for China's yesterday and today...whatever feeling it goes, there is no doubt that I love this country where my root comes from....

ZhongShangLing 7.jpgZhongShangLing 2.jpgZhongShangLing 5.jpgZongTongFu 3.jpg


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