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10 October 2015

Everyone gets a story to tell

Finished training today, on the way back...I wasn't sure what attracted me to this part of the neighborhood, a cemetery

There's always a peaceful feeling when you get closed to cemetery, people are sleeping, quietly, I was reading what's written there, one old man stopped in front of me, he looks like 80+, probably there isn't many asian faces he saw here, he started explaining his wife slept here as well, remembers some details of his wife, 'she has a wound on head... her stomach wasn't good, he has a candle with him, and showed it to me, ' I also brought flowers'... For some reason, I wish I could spend some hours to listen to his story, their story...

When I signed CSI contract, I was joking to get retired at 40 years old with ambitions with CSI, and they asked me what you want to do after 40 then... write books, taking pictures, continue to learn painting, listen to stories... that's a luxury problem, that I would love to resolve