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12 July 2015

But all, except their sun, is set...

Eternal summer gilds them yet, but all, except their sun, is set - Byron

If this british man will wake up again today, he might share some tears ' but all, except their sun, is set...'

It's rather interesting to talk about Greece with German in this particular period, Germans have a special sense of humor, sometimes it conflicts with their structured nature, and make the stimulation interesting...It's probably mean to make a joke, but if now they leave Germany and move to Greece, 10 years later, I'm sure Greece will be one of they key European power as well, maybe they can rotate to help out...

I don't have a lot of positive or negative impression about Greek or Greece, but 1 thing left me a strong impression, that was a conversation with a Greek colleague recently, over the event that our another colleague received multiple job offers, he said "if he's a native speaker, then even he's stupid he will sound smart...' I didn't comment but smile, and filtered this person out from real friend zone immediately... his comment is an indicator of his inner unbalanced self-esteem... no one is perfect, I do know, but isn't that a minor of today's Greece?