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18 June 2015

It's good to be classic, but not old fashioned ...

It’s a message I got when I approached my end working hour today, from a friend in Zurich…how to be successful to hit on girls in bars …. Well he actually really started by sharing an online article ‘12 ways to make you look smart in work emails’, probably had a bad day at work … most of the tricks are so old fashioned there, I have seen them every day in my work, it’s like expired tin food, boring, to death…

‘So you don’t like the trick used to hit on you?’

‘Well, it’s good to be classic, but being old fashioned is a different story.  When you know exactly what’s going on in the numerical game for example, it’s no longer a fun game, but if you then convert that into Sudoku, that becomes classic, then excitement can be reproduced… if you follow … ‘

… Speechless, I guess my brain is structured in a particular way, and often bring the conversation out of planned route… But I would expect him to come back with something out of box though, some creativity, rather than 'that's an interesting concept...'

While waiting, a new message from Shang Hai: when you are going to book your airline tickets???  --- shouldn’t Shang Hai be sleeping by this hour?  

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