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18 November 2014

Silkroad with Jimmy Choo on?


15 years ago, I wanted to travel from China east coast to Tibet...repeat the silkroad path if I can

10 years ago, after travelling in 34 countries, I wanted to move to central asia, although the reason was stupid if I look back today, but the wish wasn't

5 years ago, I realized success and money were key measurements in every 20s' life, and I chose to go with the main trend, banking, consulting, and all those superfacial things make you self-confident, you might not need it forever, but I stronly believe everybody needs it for a period

This year, I realize when you can buy a lot of things, they don't mean much to your life anymore...

Diner table last night, I mentioned, maybe taking 2 months off, go from east coast to Tibet, passing central China, feel the changes in culture, this country has a lot to offer when it comes to diversity, rich to poor, religions, history... Gee, this was my wish 15 years back, so life is a circle...dream as well, only difference is today I have this dream with Jimmy Choo on ...



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