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14 July 2007

my package

One of my friends came to my apt and saw my package ' so few things ? ' , ' well , that's already too heavy and too much for me :) ' -- for someone leaving for another country , I'm not too female thou , suits for job , T-shirts and jeans for weekends , my degrees , my financial calculator and my computer , I'm more like leaving for a week :) What can I say , that's a perfect way to satisfy a lazy person like me .

 Taiwanese women are kinda crazy for cosmetic products , body shaping products and some very funny way of speaking to please men , the Taiwanese entertainment on while ranging my books -- they have some women jokes , loads of ways to change your body shape , looking younger , better , bigger breasts , eyes , higher nose .... what a HELL !!! As I told one of my friends ' if you wanna have fun with girls when you're 20s , hanging out with taiwanese :) '

Reading the legend of George SOROS , I like him a lot for his nasty influences in 97 Asian Crisis :)  For personality reason , I always prefer buying short and selling short , that's actually very risky for someone like me who understands the basic financial market rules but haven't digged deeper enough yet , anyway , back to SOROS , first time , I finish a 500 pages book without a pause :) Which drew me back to the collapse of Barings Bank , Human power and Human weakness !!!