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18 April 2006

Who says the romance is dead ?

One breaking news, since almost one week is ' one of my friends came back to Paris for a business trip , and she called her ex ' , we took a drink and she told me that she doubt he's a gay ... ridiculous , I'm not malicious , but that was even silly ... I meant I love her as my friend , I understand she sought solace from her heart confinement by telling herself or the world some sound logical explanation , but what for ??? She's got a foreseeable bright future job and loads of projects to carry on in China , why bother to 'expect' the possible rekindled relationship which , to me , was pretty simple , he's a lonely person in deep , she can't get into the world , over ... Women are rich in nostalgia ,I wouldn't commiserate my friend , for her good , if commiseration could bring you the life necessity , I would make it every minute , however , there's just no Santa Claus ... And I believe in days , weeks , or maybe in months , there would be gorgeous guys running after her and make her fine ... We didn't 'tip Mr Big would fly to paris and meet Carrie ending up as golden life statuettes , but he made it , didn't he ?

Life sometimes is just like parading up the red carpet in Oscars night , getting old and grey with ur childhood sweetheart is like taking Zara or Mango there , it won't be bad , but just inappropriate , you might need designer frocks and tuxedos in this glomorous occasion ...

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